Top Water Softener Reviews

In order to ensure that you get the best water softener you need to read up on the best brands and products and their water softener reviews. Many people call in a technician that they found in the yellow pages and just buy whatever they recommend. This is also why most people get a water softener then end up running into many problems while others have perfect soft water year round. What I recommend is to stick with the top brands and their most popular softeners. This way when a technician does come out to service your home you know exactly what you’re looking for.


Water Softener Reviews of The Best Brands

There are a few brands amongst the water softening community that just stand above the rest. This is because they have been around for many years and really know what they’re doing when it comes to treating hard water. These are the best best brands that constantly have good water softener reviews and are well trusted among there customers.



When it comes to treating hard water nobody is better than the people over at Culligan. Having been around for over 75 years they have developed some of the best technology in the industry when it comes to efficiency. With their new High Efficiency systems you will save tons of money on water, salt, and electricity and you will also be able to choose the level of hardness you want in your water. Culligan’s units will also tell you how much salt is in your tank so you know exactly when it needs to be replaced.



Kenmore is one of the more popular brands and is trusted in the homes of over 100 million Americans. Their water softening systems are much like the Culligan units as they are very high efficiency and are single tank models. This makes both companies great for homes without much space as all can be put in one location. Kenmore is also known for many other products besides water softeners and are typically easy to find parts for.

water softener reviews


Kinetico probably designs the strongest while also most efficient water softening units of all. Kinetico is ideal for homes with harsh hard water conditions or regular water conditions. With so many different models to choose from they will have what you need no matter what your hardness levels are. There can’t be too much calcium and magnesium when it comes to Kinetico!


You might know Morton as being a salt company but they’re actually much more. Their water softeners are known to be very compact and space saving while also being tough on hard minerals. They have a great selection of salt and pottasium products that work great in any unit you may have. Morton has been around for many years now and have grown to be a powerhouse in the softening community. Parts are always easy to find and cheap to replace so you will never have a problem with a broken unit. Many technicians are also very skilled in working with these units so that is also a big plus.


No matter what unit you decide to buy at the end of the day make sure to read the water softener reviews to make sure you are getting a product that not only works great but is highly reliable.


Tips For Being a Paintball Sniper

When it comes to paintball one of the most elusive positions is the paintball sniper. They get a lot of ridicule by people saying there is no such thing as sniping in paintball because of the inaccuracy of paintballs but anyone who has ever met a true paintball sniper knows otherwise. A true experienced sniper will be the last person you want to face alone in the woods. You never really know where to expect one because they are masters of camouflage and stealth. By the time you actually see the sniper it is most likely too late.

Paintball Sniper Tips

paintball sniper tips

Here is a few tips that will help you into becoming a much better sniper. As always actual practice is the best thing you can do so go to some scenarios and get some game time in. The best players have spent thousands of hours on the field eliminations countless opponents and you should too.

  • Don’t hide where they will expect you to be. The best paintball snipers know where the average person is going to look, your job is to be somewhere completely unexpected.
  • Match your camouflage to your surroundings. If your camo is all green it makes no sense in hiding in dead grass.
  • Don’t move when someone is looking in your general direction. Eye sight detects movement first and you would be surprised how¬† you can be in the complete open sometimes but if you’re completely still you won’t be seen.
  • Shoot in one or two shot bursts. This makes it harder for them to pinpoint your position.
  • Walk on the outside edge of your feet. By walking normally you will make much more noise and further compromise giving your position away.

Well that’s a few tips that will definitely help you on your way to becoming an elite paintball sniper, now go out and get some kills!

How to Clean the Brine Tank

When it comes to cleaning the brine tank of the water softener it is actually pretty simply. By watching this video and following the simple steps entailed you will be on your way to having soft water in no time without having to call in a technician.

Another tip I would give is to dump clorox in your water softeners brine tank a few times a year. This is called sweetening the system among technicians and can really ensure that your softener is left running efficient.